Behind the Scenes

2014 has been a great year!!! I want to thank my wonderful second shooter and hubby Benjamin!!! Thank you for carrying 20 pound bags full of equipment and for being my model. Thank you for supporting this crazy dream I had of being a wedding photographer.  I wanted to share some behind the scenes images I have from the past couple of years. Enjoy and Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

I think I am pretending to be the bride in this shot.
bethanyk|behindthescenes_1349There I am on the left.
My handsome model. He is even pretending to hold a bouquet.

“Hey- everybody look at me.” ha ha!!:)
This horse really wanted to be in the picture.
My sister (on the right- holding the dress) assisted me on a day after session this year. Future 3rd shooter……..Yep, not sure what I am doing here. I guess my hand itched……Carrying the bags and photographing….. my hero!!
Not sure what I’m doing here.
The crouch position. I probably do that about 50 times on a wedding day. That is one of the many reasons I feel like a truck hit me the day after a wedding. Ha ha!!!

Photo bomb.
He’s even a dog whisperer. 

He looks angry, but I promise he isn’t. That is just his posing face so I can check the light. 

And he is a veil whisperer.

Not sure about this either. I had a little bit of competition. Ha ha!! Nikki- maybe wedding photography is in your future!!! Don’t worry I always make sure there isn’t a train coming. 

And he helps my clients sit on a tree limb. Not sure what I said, but at least the bridal party thought it was funny.;)Love this test shot!!! 


December 29, 2014 - 8:22 pm

Priscilla Robinson - Bethany I am still smiling every time I look at one of the wonderful pictures you and your sweet hubby took for Rebekah and Jacob’s engagement pictures, wedding and reception. You made the memories of that day very special for us all. I am so thankful the Lord sent you our way.

Thank you so much
Priscilla Robinson

January 24, 2015 - 3:11 pm

bethany - You are so sweet Mrs.Robinson. I am so thankful he did too!!!