Colclough China

So…..a little background history is on the “facebook blog” today since we are still trying to get the real blog back up.

Well….my moms maiden name is Colclough and there is a certain China piece with this exact name.

And my family goes crazy for it. I mean if you find it in an antique store, no questions asked, you buy it. Ha ha!!! It makes antiquing really fun, almost like a game. And if you know me well, I just love games.:)

One more example. We always have a white elephant party for Christmas and someone usually sneaks in some Colclough china and my family goes nuts!!!

Yes, Yes, I know. You are asking me in your head right now, “but Bethany, how many pictures of china can you take?”

Believe me, there were more that I didn’t upload.:)

So all that to say, Enjoy my favorites of the Colclough china.

The main piece I photographed was from my Aunt Carol and the random blue piece I threw in there is from my mom. She gave me the whole set for a wedding present!!!! So you can bet I will be photographing that as well.

Here is a link with a little more history background about Colclough china.