The things our minds do when dreaming are crazy!!

I wasn’t feeling very well last night and couldn’t sleep, so I checked up on Facebook to see if anyone else was trying to count sheep.

I watched a video someone posted about a 13 year old shooting like a BOSS!!! She looked as if to be in some sort of competition. It was amazing, she went from big guns to little ones (that is the BK translation for types of guns) shooting the targets perfectly. She had an amazing aim.

I also watched a video of a hippo “cutting some cheese.” I thought I would throw that in there for fun.:)

After I finished checking up on the news feed, I picked up my Jasmine Star Magazine, Exposed (it is written by an international wedding photographer located in California…It is full of advice for little photographers like me who dream of how to be big like her) and I started reading where I had left off. After I got sleepy, I turned out the light and slowly drifted off into that wonderful place called dreamland.

And that’s when the craziness started. It is amazing what our minds do while sleeping!

All of a sudden I was in some sort of a war shooting people who were trying to get onto our side. I was shooting like the 13 year old girl from the video. I was really good. Nobody got past me! Just saying.

Later on in the dream I ended up in an army barrack that looked like a tornado had gone through it. I picked up some of my belongings (don’t ask me why my dolls, and toys from my childhood where there) and then Jasmine and I went back out into the battle field.

Yes, you heard me right. Jasmine, the international wedding photographer from California and I were fighting together! It was bizarrely eldritch! (that is my big word for the day)

We were at this crazy looking dock at night trying to keep the bad guys in boats from getting onto “our land” and the next thing I know we are in a paddock. I am shooting from behind a broken down wall/ trench and Jasmine has a piece of paper with a clip board and a pencil asking me, “When did you first know you wanted to be a photographer?”

I looked at her like she was crazy and said, “Ummmm, that is kind of hard to answer right now, cause I am fighting a battle.”

She continued to ask me questions while bombs were going off all around us. So I would answer one while reloading my gun and then shoot while she was asking the next one. I couldn’t tell if I was sweating because a famous photographer that I admire greatly was asking me tough questions or because grenades were going off everywhere.

And then I woke up.

So if your like me, whatever you watch or read before bed might end up in your dreams.:)

Happy Wednesday!!!