puppy love | phoebe the dalmatian

Recently I photographed our friends puppy!!! Isn’t she precious!!!!! Thank you Kevin + Ginnifer for letting me get my puppy fix!! Enjoy my favorite images.:)

This one looks like she is laughing out loud!!

So proper. 

Love those spots.
Ginnifer actually pointed this out to me- if you look between Phoebe’s eyes her spots make the letter M.:)Such a sweet baby.

Love that she let me put this bow on her for a few seconds!! I had to put this in. I wanted just one picture with her. Thanks for shot Ginnifer!! (Oh and pay no attention to my sloppy attire and the paint on my legs!!!)

October 7, 2014 - 10:28 pm

Cindy Johnson - Spots on the puppy and spots on you! Too cute! Love these pictures! You captured her silliness and her good looks!